SubSeaSail™: "Changing the Math with a Semi-Submersible Sailing Drone"

San Diego, California


Changing the Math with a Semi-Submersible Sailing Drone

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Patented, game changing technology

The SubSeaSail™ Advantage

SSS has created and patented a new kind of sailing vessel having the hull and keel submerged under water propelled by a wind-catching assembly. A passive wing control mechanism enables automatic, un-powered sail or wing control in an autonomous sailing vessel. 

SSS is looking for clients for its standardized Gen6 vessel. It is also looking for clients with specific sensor and payload packages that will help fund unique sizes and fitted vessels.

Design features:

  • Deployable singly or in swarms

  • Energy harvesting (wind driven with solar power)

  • Fully submergible

  • Long-term deployable (months)

  • Low cost

  • Low observability

  • Multi-waypoints or station keeping

  • Scalable design from sub-1 meter to very large

  • Very quiet

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Multi-Mission Capability Platform

1.AUV conveyance and recharging/docking station

2.Cargo delivery

• Any number of shape factors and sizes

• Avoid/reduce need for deep water ports

3. Comms gateway

4. Decoys and training applications

5. “Lilypad” capability – hold station/move to waypoints to surface as needed

6. Military applications: ASW, mine & anti-mine, etc.

7. Pre-positioning of goods long or short-term at sea or near islands

8. Sensor platform (single, fleets, or swarms) that hold station and/or patrol exclusive economic zones, marine protected & sensitive areas, seeking weather data, etc.

9. Surface & sub-surface intrusion detection

10. And much more…