SubSeaSail™: "Changing the Math with a Semi-Submersible Sailing Drone"

We are looking for…

SSS is looking for customers and technology partners to add to capabilities. It is also looking to license technology to channel partners with extensive experience & customer base in vertical markets such as commercial shipping, military, marine protected area & EEZ protection, research/science, security & surveillance, and more. Please provide information below to contact SSS.

SSS is looking for clients for its standardized Gen6 vessel. It is also looking for clients with specific sensor and payload packages that will help fund unique sizes and fitted vessels.

SSS is looking for:

Channel partners that can sell SSS vessels into vertical markets in the U.S. and abroad including commercial, government, military, NGOs, research and science.

Researchers to add and test new capabilities.

Technology Partners to add new capabilities.

Contact SSS to inquire about our licensing program.